The winners of the age in one book

2017.11.15. 09:40

Introducing the 21st century with the most modern maps, Geofusion by Norbert Csizmadia is now available in English. The author also acquaints leading Chinese universities with his book, guiding the readers through geographical, economic and geopolitical correlations into the processes of the forthcoming century. Geofusion is charted in the Libri Top 100 Books of 2017.

This book written by Norbert Csizmadia seeks the answer to the question who will be the winning nations, communities, leaders and powers of the age.

The explorers and geostrategists of the 21st century are responsible for providing guidance to the world full of global economic and social challenges. To do so, new maps are needed which do not miss the wisdom and means of the old ones but complement them with the knowledge of today, says the author.

Illustrated with 100 innovative maps, diagrams and infographics, this book helps the readers understand the correlations behind the geopolitical and geostrategic decisions of our century. Based on the most recent geographical and economic aspects, the author answers the question how we should foresee the global processes.

Geoeconomics forms a new fusion science of geography, economics, social sciences and geopolitics, which will become one of the decisive aspects in the 21st century.

Author of the special travel guide Norbert Csizmadia is President of Pallas Athéné Geopolitical Foundation Board of Trustees, geographer and geoeconomic expert. He is committed to the promotion of geopolitical approach.

The author is now promoting his book in China, with a special cover designed for this occasion.